• Design and develop a scripting interface for mentors to translate their high level understanding of students’ ineffective research and learning strategies into machine detectable conditions

  • Conduct user studies and analyze quantitative and qualitative results to help with prototype iteration

  • Wrote a grant proposal and awarded funding for research through the Undergraduate Research Grant program

  • Compiled results and findings in the form of a 6-page research paper

  • Incorporated a Convolutional Neural Network to correct blurring as a result of motion during brain MRI acquisition

  • Implemented a modification to the U-Net architecture

  • Adopted FreeSurfer software to perform transformations on brain MRI and simulate blurring using real motion file

  • Implemented multi-head self-attention layers to perform on-line handwriting recognition

  • Customized 2nd order Path Signature Feature Extraction for model input

TreeHealth Mobile App

  • Built a React Native mobile app that allows tree researchers to observe data collected by sensors (Sap Flow, Dendrometer, Environmental data) on registered trees

  • Utilized a charting library to display data from multiple sources with a unified scale so that users can see how different factors interact


LifeCapsule Mobile App

  • Constructed a React Native mobile app for journaling that requires minimal user input

  • Adapted a charting library to display trends and statistics about user’s week

Squady IOS App

  • Currently working on a mobile app that allows users to create or join activities and events nearby



  • Collaborated with an Israeli robotics team to build CHISRO, a website to share STEM ideas, especially for robotics
  • Grew platform to 500 users across 4 countries

Research on Stress Monitoring

Independent Research

  • Researched how positive psychology can improve stress tolerance with Professor Lorie Loeb from Dartmouth College
  • Collected galvanic skin response data using wearable device Pip to reflect stress level

Quadrotor Design

Builder & Programmer

  • Designed and built a quadrotor for autonomous flight

  • Implemented code for IMU, joystick control, PID control, and Vive sensor integration

Leg Lifter Project

Designer & Builder

  • Designed a solution to help a patient who has limited mobility in her right leg as a result of a level 2 lumbar spinal cord injury so that she can lift her leg while transferring from one place to another 

  • Prototyped the Power Stand Leg Lifter that is able to elevate one’s leg by means of an electric motor which is able to raise the foot and leg 12 inches vertically